Voyageur Place


  • Furnished suites
  • Telephone jack outlets in each bedroom (phone service can be set up at an additional cost through a service provider
  • Water, power and heat included in room rates
  • Wireless Internet in some public areas
  • Wired Internet provided in all bedrooms
  • Games Rooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Vending Machines
  • Study Rooms
  • Lounges with cable television
  • Free Laundry (Residents provide their own linens)
  • Parking (for a fee and based on availability)
  • Hockey Equipment storage
  • Bike storage

Located in the heart of the University of Saskatchewan campus, Voyageur Place consists of four residence halls: Athabasca Hall, Saskatchewan Hall, Qu'Appelle Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall Addition. Take a video tour inside Voyageur Place.

There is space for 588 students, which include co-ed, male only and female only halls. Voyageur Place offers room and board. Wheelchair accessible rooms are also available. Voyageur Place Residence Agreements include both accommodation and meals. Residents living in Voyageur Place cannot opt out of the meal plan.

When you apply for residence you can request to live with a specific individual. However, that individual has to have identified you as their preferred roommate on their application and applied during the same time. If you don't know anyone coming to residence or have no roommate preference you will be matched with someone. Roomates are selected based on the following criteria: age, gender and college/program.

Your Room

At Voyageur Place, you will enjoy the comfort of a furnished room with a Twin Extra Long bed, desk, chair, study lamp, clothes closet, and chest of drawers. You are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy but housekeeping staff takes care of the corridors, lounges, bathrooms, and other common areas. You can wash and dry your clothes in the laundry rooms in the basements of Athabasca, Saskatchewan, QuAppelle Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall Addition. 

Who Can Live in Voyageur Place

Voyageur Place residence is open to all undergraduate students.

Check out the rental rates for the upcoming term in Voyageur Place.

Apply to Live in Voyageur Place

Voyageur Place Video and Pictures
Voyageur Place Building Floor Plans

The Voyageur Place residence development consists of Saskatchewan Hall, Athabasca Hall, Qu’Appelle Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall Addition buildings. Within each building there's a variety of different room layouts in both single and double occupancy living units. 

Please click on each image below for an enlarged view. Please note, the illustrations are a close representation of the common room configurations. Within each living space variations on floor plan layout and dimensions may occur.

Ath Ath 2

Sask 1 sask two

Voyageur Place Rates

Please vist the Rates and Payments page for a comparison of rental rates in other residences and a breakdown of additional fees as per the residence agreement. 

2015/2016 Fall Rental Rates

Voyageur Place (8 Month Residence Agreement) 
Athabasca, Saskatchewan, Qu’Appelle Hall and Qu’Appelle Hall Addition
August 29, 2015 - April 29, 2016

Full term (8 month term) payments are due prior to Residence Check-in. 
Single Unit     $3,639.00  
Double Unit   $2,737.00
Double and Single accommodation  $4,870.00

ROAF (Room Offer Acceptance Fee): $1,000.00. The above rates include utilities, high-speed internet and laundry.
All residents living in Voyageur Place are required to purchase a Marquis Hall Meal Plan. Residents wishing to change the default Voyageur Place meal plan option must submit the Meal Plan Change Request Form to Culinary Services prior to September 1, 2014.  
Default Plan - 17 Meal/Week Plan: 17 Meals/Week + $200.00 RCC per term x 2 terms (Fall/Winter)
19 Meal/Week Plan: 19 Meals/Week per term x 2 terms (Fall/Winter) (This plan does not include RCC)