Notice to Vacate

In order to provide the proper notice to vacate of your room/unit and in accordance with the Residence Agreement, residents must complete the required online Notice to Vacate Residence Form.  Notice to vacate will not be accepted verbally, by phone or by email. 

All residents are required to provide 2 months advance notice that they intend to vacate residence and this Notice to Vacate must be provided to the Residence Services Office on the 1st calendar day of the month. This can be done by submitting the Notice to Vacate Residence Form found on our website. Failure to provide 2 months’ Notice to Vacate will result in the resident being held financially responsible for the entire amount of rent agreed upon in their Residence Agreement. Residents will also be subject to an Insufficient Notice Penalty for not providing sufficient notice to vacate.

Please note that Notice to Vacate Residence is accepted on the 1st day of the month. If the resident provides notice on the 21st day of the month, it will be deemed to be received on the 1st of the next month. If the Residence Services Office accepts short Notice to Vacate, the resident will permit Residence Service employees to enter the room/unit in order to show it to prospective residents prior to their vacate date.

If your student status changes, or if you have questions about your student status, please contact the Residence Services Office and schedule a meeting with a Residence Staff Member to further discuss your specific situation.


Subletting within residence (the rental of your present accommodations to those who are not lawful residents of the room/unit) is strictly prohibited.

Please note that if residents are found to be housing or subletting unregistered guests, a fine for the Breach of Residence Agreement may be applied to the resident’s account and the unregistered guest that is unlawfully residing in the room/unit may be asked to vacate residence immediately. Please see our Residence Handbook for more information on guests in residence.

Sample Residence Agreement

Take a look at a sample Residence Agreement