About Us

Queer Housing (QH) was launched in 2019 with several apartments in a designated section of College Quarter. This program allows us to provide support for people who identify as 2SLGBTQ+ during their time at USask, and provides another community for queer students in addition to the wider Residence community.

Program Details

  • Each student in Queer Housing will work with a professional staff member throughout the year to be supported as needed, or connected to any resources or other supports that the student is interested in.

  • There is a Resident Assistant (RA) for the QH community (who is intentionally chosen for this community), who works closely with the program leads throughout the year to provide additional support, regular check-ins with the students, and programming for the QH community.

  • We welcome ideas and feedback from our Queer Housing members about what they would like to see in regards to programming and other aspects of our program. Our goal is to build our program so that it meets the self-expressed needs of our students. We hope to also use this information to help improve our support of our other queer students throughout the rest of our Residence community.

How do I Apply to Queer Housing?

  • Next, a professional staff member will reach out to you to gather some information. The staff member will ask about what you hope to see from the program, what your pronouns and preferred name are, what type of unit you would be most comfortable living in (a non-binary unit, a female identified unit, male identified unit, etc.), and if there are any specific types of supports that you would like to receive throughout the year.
  • After your initial chat with a professional staff member, you will be sent an official welcome email to welcome you to our program. You will also be asked to fill out a Roommate Placement Questionnaire which will assist us in placing you with compatible roommates
We welcome any applicants who are looking to move in throughout the academic year in addition to those who move in during September. We will offer these students a space as long as there is one available. If we do not have any more spaces in Queer Housing, we will work with the student to offer them the supports needed. Please reach out anytime if you are living in a challenging or unsafe environment and we will do our best to get you into Queer Housing as quickly as possible and to expedite the process.

FAQs about Queer Housing

If you have a question regarding Queer Housing, check out our FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can send it to studentlife@usask.ca.
Q: How do I apply?
A: Start to apply by emailing studentlife@usask.ca to express your interest and complete a Residence Application if you haven’t already. Check out the ‘How do I Apply to Queer Housing’ section above for more details on how the application process looks.
Q: Where is Queer Housing located in Residence?
A: Queer Housing is a cluster of apartments on the same floor in College Quarter Phase 1. As of right now, we only able to offer QH in this Residence area.
Q: Can I live in Queer Housing if I don’t identify as queer or part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community but am an Ally?
A: QH is currently only available to students who identify as queer or part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, but we appreciate your interest in our program!
Q: I’m not out yet and I don’t openly identify as queer, but I am part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Can I live in Queer Housing?
A: Of course! You can email studentlife@usask.ca, and we will work together to make sure the application process, moving in, and living in Queer Housing is comfortable for you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this, please email!
Q: Will I have roommates? Who will they be?
A: Yes, you will have 1-3 roommates as all of our QH apartments are currently 4 bedroom units. Your roommates will be other members of QH, and everyone is placed according to their identity and the type of unit they are most comfortable living in, as well as their Roommate Placement Questionnaires. 
Q: I’ve lived in Queer Housing before. How do I reapply?
A: Welcome back! Send an email to studentlife@usask.ca to say you’d like to return and then make sure you have filled out a Residence Application. Please include any new information if applicable (if you have a new preferred name, different pronouns, etc.) and let me know if you have any roommate requests.

The future of Queer Housing

Our goal is to expand and continually improve Queer Housing so that we can provide the highest quality of support and best Residence experience possible to our queer students. Below we’ve included a couple of ways in which we are currently growing our program.

Queer Housing Lounge 

We are very excited to announce that there will be a Queer Housing Lounge in Residence in the near future! This lounge will be for not only our Queer Housing students, but for any student in Residence who identifies as 2SLGBTQ+

The lounge will have a queer library that provides collections from the queer community to be showcased, and will have other resources available to students. We will also have office hours where staff will be present to connect with students and offer information about campus and community resources. This will be a social space for all queer students in Residence to mingle and get to know each-other, study together, or just have some tea and chat.

We are really looking forward to offering this space for all of our queer students, and are excited for its opening.

Increased Live-In Spaces

Our pilot project started with a few apartments, but we hope to increase that number over the coming years as needed. As we see an increase in applications, we will increase the number of Queer Housing spaces to accommodate a larger number of students. We will continue to work with residents to improve Queer Housing to meet everyone’s needs over the coming years.

Additional Queer Supports and Resources


Phone: 306-665-1224
Address: 213 Ave C South, Saskatoon

USSU Pride Centre

Website: https://ussu.ca/main-page/centres/pride-centre/
Phone: 306-966-6615
Address: 104 Memorial Union Building, U of S campus, Saskatoon

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out anytime at: studentlife@usask.ca or submit your question and we will be in touch as soon as we can!