Resident Assistants (called ‘RA’ for short) are found in the following residences: College Quarter, Voyageur Place, Seager Wheeler Hall and Assiniboine and Wollaston Halls. In many ways, they are the most important student life staff that you will come to know. They are trained student employees who live in your residence and are your first point of contact for support and questions.
Resident Assistants (RAs)
Each student staff member has a hall or floor and is responsible for establishing relationships with residents in that area and working with the RA team to support their residence community as a whole. RAs are generally the first link in the chain of support and response. Contact an RA for anything from personal to academic concerns and with residence issues from roommate conflict to maintenance questions. If an RA cannot help you, they will direct you to someone who can.
Senior Resident Assistant (SRA)
SRAs are student staff who have previously held the RA role and now offer leadership to fellow student staff. They are members of the RA team who act as a point of contact between and support for the coordinator and the RAs. SRAs can sometimes be found helping RAs, meeting with students, overseeing events and responding to student questions.
Coordinators, Student Life
Coordinators of student life are full-time professional staff who provide student support and promote community engagement. This includes meeting and following-up with students in times of conflict or personal challenge and addressing conduct concerns. Also responsible for supervising student staff (RAs) and programming, coordinators live within their areas of residence to facilitate a high level of support and emergency response. Coordinators maintain regular office hours every Monday to Friday from 8:30 am–4:30 pm. The best way to make sure you connect with your coordinator is to set up a meeting by email or phone (but see if your RA can help you first!). Contact information for your coordinator can be found on our supports and services page. 
Residence Manager – Student Life
The Residence Manager - Student Life is responsible for the oversight of an innovative student life program that supports students, encourages a healthy and inclusive community, and promotes holistic development. The RM-SL oversees and stays in close communication with the coordinators of student life in addressing student conflict, conduct and concerns. Leading the student life staff in working with campus partners to ensure students receive high levels of support, the RM-SL works in direct collaboration with the RM-O.
What do RAs do with the information brought to them?
You can always trust your RA to keep information private, which means they will not discuss information you bring to them with friends, neighbours, other students, professors, etc. But RAs are expected to share what they learn with their Coordinator, Student Life, within reason, to make sure the Coordinator can support the community and ensure that information is being handled appropriately.
When will an RA direct me to someone else for help or assistance?
RAs are trained to know the answers to many questions and what supports are available on-campus. You are welcome to ask an RA a question or to ask them to help you find a resource or support. If an RA does not have an answer, they will refer you to someone who does. In addition, a conversation with an RA may be followed by a conversation with your Coordinator. Sometimes, your Coordinator will suggest or request that you use another campus support, just to make sure your needs are being met.
How do I contact my RA?
RAs can be contacted in-person, or by note at their rooms, or by phone (while on-Duty). RAs live in private spaces to ensure your privacy and their rooms are marked to make it easy for you to find them. Your RA on-Duty can be found at the RA office after 7 pm each evening (in Voyageur Place, College Quarter, and Seager Wheeler) or through calling or texting the RA cell phone.