Students remaining in Residence are expected to practise self-isolation and social distancing procedures, whether they are feeling well or not. Social distancing protects our entire community.

In line with this expectation, there should be no social gatherings or parties in Residence at this time.

What is considered a party?
Residence defines a party as any social gathering that meets two or more of the following criteria:
  • There are eight or more people present (including hosts and guests)
  • Alcohol is being consumed
  • There is enough noise being made to attract attention or disrupt the surrounding community
The above criteria and/or whether something is a party will be determined at the discretion of University staff.
Repeat violations made by a party in the same night will result in the party being shut down and all guests cleared out.
Who is considered a guest?
A guest is any person at a party who does not reside in the room/unit. Hosts and roommates are not considered guests. Please note: only students who reside in the room/unit may be the designated host(s).
Residents are responsible for all the actions of their guests if they choose to allow a guest/guests into Residence. As a resident, it is your responsibility to inform your guest(s) of the Community Standards in Residence.
What are the guest list requirements?
In addition to signing out a party pass (see ‘Party Pass’ section), the host(s) must keep an up-to-date list (guest list) of all students present at their party. The guest list is to be kept on the door of the room/unit for visibility and written on the unit whiteboard (College Quarter) or on a piece of paper (non-College Quarter residences) taped to the door. The host(s) of a party is required to:
  • Keep a close watch on entrance of your room/unit
  • Do not prop open the door of your room/unit
  • Do not let guests open the door for other guests (remember, you are responsible for all guests in your room/unit)
  • Keep a dry erase marker or pen available to write on whiteboard/guest list page
If the guest list is not up to date, the RA(s) will request it be updated. If the list is not updated after one warning, the party will be shut down and all guests will be asked to leave. Should the occupant limit be exceeded, the RAs will ask the host(s) to reduce their numbers or the party will be shut down and all guests will be asked to leave.
What are the expectations for hosting or attending a party?
  • All Community Standards must be followed at all times by hosts and guests (remember that as host, you are responsible for the actions of your guests)
  • Hosts and guests must maintain a safe and secure environment in Residence at all times. Excessive noise is not acceptable at any time.
  • Risky or irresponsible actions such as drinking games or competitive drinking are prohibited.
  • The party must remain contained within your room/unit, and should not impact communal space (i.e. hallways, lounges, lobby areas, entrances).
  • All parties must not exceed the specified occupant limit (i.e. number of people in room/unit).
What are limitations to holding a party in Residence?
  • Claiming to be unaware of Community Standards violations is not a valid excuse
  • Drinking games must not be played, whether you participate or spectate
  • No exceptions will be made with University staff regarding the rules
What is against the rules in Residence?
  • Drinking games
  • Glass beer bottles
  • Underage drinking
  • Smoking
  • Tampering with/misuse of fire extinguishing/prevention equipment
  • Assault, abuse (physical or verbal), intimidation and bullying
  • Aggression or threats (whether verbal or non-verbal)
  • Open alcohol in public spaces (hallways, lounges, entrances)
  • Kegs, mini-kegs, and beer funnels
  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Exceeding the occupant limit of any room/unit
  • Vandalism or theft

What are my responsibilities?

Who is responsible? Responsibilities:
Everyone (includes hosts and guests)
  • Abide by all Community Standards
  • Know the whereabouts of and be responsible for your non-resident visitors at all times
  • Refrain from playing drinking games or promoting the mass consumption of alcohol
  • Keep all open alcohol inside the room/unit (no transporting or consuming in common spaces)
  • Respectfully follow and cooperate with all instructions from University staff
  • Respect the safety, security, and property of the building and its residents
As the host of a party:
  • Be present for duration of party
  • Ensure drinking games are not played in the room/unit
  • Be responsible for ALL guests who are let into your room/unit
  • Maintain guest list on door of your room/unit
  • Ensure the occupant limit is not exceeded
  • Inform all roommates of plans to host a party before the start of the party
  • Ensure the party is confined to the room/unit
  • Be proactive in shutting down the party by Quiet Hours
  • Contact the RA on-duty or Protective Services if I required assistance enforcing the rules, handling unruly guests, shutting down the party, or if an incident occurs
As a guest attending a party (see above for who is considered a guest): 
  • Follow all responsibilities listed under ‘Everyone’ (please see top section)
  • Follow any guidelines set in place by host(s)
  • Respectfully exit the room/unit when Quiet Hours begin or if the party is shut down and exit/clear hallways
As a roommate or neighbour in the proximity of a party:
  • Speak to host(s) directly if the party is disruptive or getting out of hand and request they address the problem or shut down the party
  • As a roommate, remind the host(s) of guidelines agreed to in the Roommate Agreement
  • Inform University staff immediately if party is disruptive beyond expectations and assistance is required
  • Inform University staff immediately if Community Standards are being violated
When will University staff become involved?
University staff (Resident Assistants; Protective Services) will speak with the host(s) early in the night to establish expectations and guidelines for the evening. University staff will work with the host(s) to ensure all parties follow Community Standards, meet Fire Code regulations, and that the host(s) will be responsible for their guests. Failure to do so will result in warnings to address the problem and/or a request to end the party without warning.
What actions will University staff take?
Students planning to host a party will speak with University staff at the start of the evening to register a party (see ‘Planning and hosting a gathering’ section). University staff will work with the host(s) to ensure all parties follow Community Standards, do not exceed the occupant limit, and that the host(s) will be responsible for their guests. Failure to do so will result in warnings to address the problem and/or a request to end the party without warning. In addition to shutting down a party (as outlined below), Protective Services may:
  • ID guests at a party and ask all non-University students to leave
  • Deliver a warning and/or fine students who are in violation of Saskatchewan Provincial Laws relating to alcohol, including:
    • Drinking under the age of 19
    • Consuming alcohol in a public space
    • Providing liquor to a minor (person under the age of 19)
When will a party be shut down?
If a party is shut down, all guests must leave and any music must be turned off. No guests may return to the room/unit and no audible music may be played for the rest of the night. A party will be shut down if any of the rules agreed to in the Handbook, on the party pass, or party form are broken, including:
  • If it is Quiet Hours or in preparation for the start of Quiet Hours
  • If any incident is reported at the party (any assault, fight, theft, etc.)
  • If there is a repeat violation following a warning (i.e. noise or drinking games, etc.)
  • If there is an excessive number of guests (see occupant limit)
  • If the party is excessively noisy or disruptive to the Residence community
  • If the party is not contained to the room/unit
  • If the host(s) fails to follow instructions given by University staff or is uncooperative, rude, or disrespectful towards staff
  • If a party fails to answer the door or ignores a reasonable request from University staff
Please note that a responsible party does not require continued staff presence to ensure expectations are being met. If a party requires continued monitoring, it will be shut down and all guests will be asked to leave. Failure to follow and abide by rules and regulations in this section may result in further disciplinary action being taken as per Residence disciplinary process.
How does the party pass work?
For a party to be held in Residence, it must be registered with the Resident Assistants (RAs) at the start of the night. Students planning to host a party must agree to all expectations and register their party in order to receive a party pass. These steps outline how to get a party pass:
  • Approach your RA office between 7pm - 7:30pm. No party passes will be signed out after 7:30pm. Please note: any party without a party pass will be shut down by University staff.
  • Complete the form, review responsibilities with the RA, and receive your party pass.
  • Meet all expectations as host (outlined on party pass, party registration form, and Handbook).
  • Return party pass to the RAs at the end of your party.
Improper use of or failure to meet expectations of the party pass may result in party pass privileges being revoked in the future for that student or room/unit.