Unit Selection and Assignment Process

Unit Selection and Assignment Process

The Application 

  • Applications are received on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Roommates are not guaranteed. For the best chance at selecting a room together at the same time, please submit an application at the same time through the Housing Portal

The Timeslot Email (Unit Selection)

  • Timeslot Offer letters are sent by email beginning in May and these letters will indicate the date and time that the applicant can login to the Residence Housing Portal to select a unit (3 days -1 week advance notice will be provided)
  • Applicants will login to the Residence Housing Portal on the date and time specified on their Timeslot Offer Letter to choose their unit

The ROAF (Room Offer Acceptance Fee) payment and Residence Agreement 

  • Once the unit is selected, the Room Offer Acceptance Fee (ROAF) must be paid online to reserve the unit (a deadline of approximately 5 days will be provided but it is recommended that the applicant make this payment as soon as they have selected their unit)
  • Residents will be expected to accept the terms of their Residence Agreement electronically, which will be made available within the application process in August, prior to Move-In
  • Rooms will be reopened for selection by others if the ROAF payment is not paid by the deadline and a cancellation email will be sent to the applicant
  • The ROAF payment reserves the unit and is applied to the full term rental payment
  • A Move-In Information Guide will be made available on the website in the spring 

Residence Application and Unit Selection Timeline


For specific Move-In Information, please visit the Residence Move-In webpage.