Residence Comparison

In most cases we try to accommodate students in residents based on the personal needs and year of study. Our buildings are available as followings:

  • Voyageur Place  - (Voyageur Place offering single units only for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 term)
    • open to undergraduates students (Age 25 and under only and no children).
    • 1st year guarantee is offered to students who are coming from high school and who apply prior to Jan 31st. 
    • recommended for 1st and 2nd year, international and exchange students as Voyageur Place sits at the heart of campus with easy access to other campus buildings via a tunnel system, includes a full dining meal plan at Marquis Culinary Centre, has a vibrant undergraduate community, is robust in Student Life programming and is an excellent fit for new students!
  • College Quarter 
    • open to undergraduate students (no children).
    • priority given to full Fall/Winter term (8 month) applicants.
    • 4 month Exchange students may qualify for this building when space allows
  • Graduate House 
    • open to graduate, professional, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students (no children) with priority given to graduate students
  • Assiniboine Hall 
    • open to upper year undergraduate and graduate students including couples (no children)
  • Wollaston Hall
    • open to upper year undergraduate and graduate students including couples
    • When required, Wollaston Hall may house a small number of current residents with children, in a designated family section of the building, while these residents are waiting for a unit to open up in Souris Hall. These space bookings are manually assigned when necessary.
  • Souris Hall 
    • open to family housing available to students with children only

*Please be advised that residents confirmed as not being enrolled in classes during the regularly scheduled Residence Enrollment Audit may face immediate eviction. Residents must maintain full-time student status to be eligible to live in Residence. 

Residence Building Comparison 

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Voyageur Place College Quarter Seager Wheeler  Assiniboine Hall & Wollaston Hall (for upper year undergrads) Graduate House (3rd and 4th years only) 
4 MONTH EXCHANGE STUDENTS Voyageur Place Seager Wheeler College Quarter (when space allows)
GRADUATE STUDENTS Graduate House Seager Wheeler Assiniboine Hall Wollaston Hall