Lot Information

Residents of Voyageur Place, College Quarter, Graduate House and McEown Park must apply through the student online sale for parking at U Lot, Aird Street, W lot, Lot 15, Q Lot and Stadium Parkade. Residents are encouraged to use their Transit UPASS or walk while living on campus.

Here are some great reasons not to drive:

1) Driving is expensive! The cost of fuel, insurance, parking, car washes and vehicle maintenance adds up! Save yourself a lot of money by using public transportation, carpooling, biking and walking! 

2) Driving is stressful. You have enough to deal with right now with your studies, labs and social life. Why add traffic, road construction and other (potentially bad) drivers to the mix? Choose sanity! 

3) Choose to be sustainable. How great does it feel knowing that you are contributing to the health of our environment by choosing not to drive?! Each year, a single driver can add 13,000 pounds of CO2 to our atmosphere. 

4) Getting or staying fit. There are a number of reasons why walking is beneficial to your long-term health. Look good, feel good and get some activity in after those long days sitting in class!   

5) You don't need to drive! There are now grocery stores close to campus that will deliver directly to your address and campus is full of convenient dining locations, stores, live student theatre, the PAC gym, sports arenas, pubs, social clubs and shops. Campus is also only a 10 minute walk to the Saskatoon downtown core and a 5 minute transit ride to 8th Street, where you can find numerous restaurants and shopping centres. 

Bike Ride

Applying for Parking

Residents interested in parking for the Fall/Winter term must apply for the online sale through their PAWS channel. For information regarding parking availability and the process of securing campus parking, please visit Student Parking, available on the Parking and Transportation Services website for further details or contact their office directly during regular business hours 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (closed over the lunch break from 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm) at 306.966.4502.

Parking FAQ

Is there an application fee? 

Yes there is a $20 application fee when registering for the online parking sale and your Residence ROAF (Room Offer Acceptance Fee) must be paid in order to qualify for a parking space. Your ROAF payment deadline will be provided on your Timeslot Offer letter.

Are residents guaranteed a parking space?

Students with a reserved booking in Residence, who have entered the online parking sale, are guaranteed a parking space in one of the resident parking lots, which includes lots E, W, U, Stadium Parkade and Aird Street. Parking will be assigned randomly, and you will be assigned a space as close as possible to your building as space allows.

PLEASE NOTE: Space in not guaranteed for students reserved to live in Residence, who do not enter the online sale and/or come after September to purchase a permit, as space is limited and based on availability.  

How do I pay for my parking permit?

Permits must be picked up at Parking and Transportation Services located in the Animal Sciences Building at 72 Campus Drive 

Please be sure to bring your Student ID Card and/or have your student number available as this will be required when picking up your parking permit.

Payment methods available include MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Debit and cash. 

What is 'first chance' and 'second chance' parking?

All residents will be assigned parking during the 'first chance' online parking sale. 'Second chance' refers to students who are not residents. 

U-Pass and General Transportation

For information specific to the Student U-Pass, public transit, taxi services, driving in Canada, Biking etc. view USask Transportation