COVID-19-Related Rules and Regulations

Who You May Interact With:
  • You are required to stay in your room/ apartment unit where reasonable and possible (with the understanding that you may leave as necessary, such as to pick up groceries, for work, to receive deliveries, or for medical emergencies)
  • You may interact with those who live in your apartment unit (ie. your roommate) and with others from within your building, provided they are not in quarantine and have no symptoms in any way related to COVID-19 symptoms; interact with those in other Residence buildings or outside of Residence buildings only over the phone or online


  • No guests from outside your building are permitted (including guests brought to your building, apartment, or room from other buildings; food deliveries are permitted); only 1 guest (from within the building) may be brought into a unit at any time
  • As per University requirements, students must be masked at all times when outside of their apartments/units

 Common Areas:

  • When in permissible common areas (stairwells, hallways, lobbies), keep to yourself and maintain at least 6 ft. of distance between you and any other person present at all times
  • Only one person (or a set of roommates) may be in the elevator or laundry room at any time; if you need to use one of these spaces and it is occupied, please wait until it is empty (this includes if custodial or other staff are in the space, meaning you must wait until they leave)
  • Students must follow COVID-19 Guidelines signage placed throughout the buildings (this includes the requirement to sanitize when entering a building, using appropriate entrance/exits where marked, following directional signage, etc.)
Symptoms/COVID-19 Tests:
  • If you develop any symptoms related to COVID-19 (or must be tested and self-isolate for any other reason, such as close contact with someone who has travelled), you must contact to inform us of your situation; following this, a member of the Student Life Team will reach out to check that you have been in contact with 811, help you plan your isolation, and ensure you have the support you need.

Residents will be fined ($250) or evicted with no exceptions for COVID-19-related violations, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Violating any of the rules listed above
  • Having guests over to your building
  • Having guests over to your apartment from outside the building
  • Allowing guests from outside the building into the building
  • Entering the elevator or laundry room when it is already occupied
  • Spending unnecessary time in common areas such as lobbies or hallways
  • Entering forbidden common areas (lounges, study rooms)
  • Failing to wear a mask outside of your apartment or unit
  • Failing to inform Residence of symptoms or COVID-19 testing

Download a copy of the Residence COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines here.

Supports and Resources

Wellness Together Canada: An initiative from the government designed to assist with mental health and substance use during COVID-19.

Empower Me: New mental health resource created especially for graduate students to support through different challenges such as isolation, coping, and relationship management.

COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub: It is a hub of resource to take care of yourself and others.

RAs: They are available to help you, support you, and direct you to the right resources. You can reach out to them or talk with the RA on-Duty who is available every night from 7pm-7am.
  • Seager Wheeler – 306-361-7656
  • College Quarter Phase I – 306-290-4470
  • A&W and Graduate House – 306-291-5007

Coordinators, Student Life: They are in-house professional support staff here to offer personal guidance and support, conflict management assistance, and education.

Counsellor-in-Residence: Mental health professional available for Residence students and can be contacted at or 306-966-5757.

Residence Services Office: If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Residence Office at:
  • Phone: 306-966-6775
  • Email: 
You can also visit the Residence Services Office in Graduate House, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm

Saskatchewan Health Line: The HealthLine is available by dailing 811

Student Wellness Centre: The Wellness Centre services have moved off-Campus but are still available through telephone and web delivery. You can still access the physicians, nurses, counsellors, dietitians, and admin support. For services at the Student Wellness Centre, you can email them at

Student Affairs & Outreach: A team of social workers responsible for drop-in counselling, mental health intake, early alerts, student outreach, crisis response, psycho-educational groups, and consultation to faculty, staff, and students. Please contact them at 306-966-5757 or