Available Positions

All RA positions are for the 2022-2023 academic year. The employment period of an RA begins August 2022 at RA Training (scheduled mid to late August) and ends after the Residence Move-Out date (typically early-May). We hire a combination of new RAs and returning RAs. Only current RAs may apply for the Returning and Senior RA positions.


Job Description And Qualifications

  • Act as a positive role model to students, upholding Residence and University policies.
  • Respond to minor emergencies and maintenance problems.
  • Assist in the orientation of new residents.
  • Refer residents to services as required.
  • Develop a supportive community within assigned area and Residence as a whole.
  • Develop, promote, and deliver programs for Residence students.
  • Identify and report problems involving both individual residents and/or groups of residents.
  • Address Community Standard violations.
  • Submit weekly reports, programming reports, and other reports as necessary to the Coordinator.
  • Inform and aid the Senior RA, Coordinator, Student Life, and Manager, Student Life in disciplinary matters.
  • Attend weekly RA meetings.
  • Complete regularly scheduled nightly rounds of your Residence complex.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Must be a full-time student at the University of Saskatchewan and be willing to live in Residence for the duration of the 2022-2023 academic year.Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Unlike prior years, previously living in Residence is not a requirement for the job.
    • Registered Roommates in Assiniboine and Wollaston Halls are eligible for the RA position, as long as they are registered as full-time students and willing to become the Agreement-holder of their unit.
  • Valid Emergency First-Aid/CPR-C (must be completed by time of arrival for RA Training in August. Certificate required).
  • Criminal Records Check (must be completed by time of arrival for RA Training in August).
  • Must maintain a cell phone with text messaging plan during the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Mandatory Training: RA Training in mid to late August, approximately 10 or more days. Other Training throughout the year as required.

Information Booths and Sessions

Information Session
New applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the Information Session, hosted by the Student Life Team. The Information Session will be held on February 12, 2021 at 2:00pm in using Webex platform. The details of the session are:

How Do I Apply?

You have a few options in getting an RA application:

Applications may be submitted to:

Your completed application is due by 4:00pm on Thursday January 27, 2022.

A completed application consists of:

  • Comprehensive Application form – required for all applicants

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Process

Note: Returning staff applicants should contact their respective Coordinator for information regarding the returning staff hiring process.

Applications Due

Completed applications are due by 4:00pm on Thursday January 27, 2022.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Individual Interviews

Candidates chosen for individual interviews will attend an interview sometime in early June.  Sign-up sheets with a variety of time slots will be available for the applicants to pick a time that works for them.  If you would like some interview tips you are encouraged to visit the Student Employment & Career Centre.
Candidates may be called in for a follow-up interview at any point during the interview process.


Successful candidates will be notified in mid-June.

Team Meeting

After the announcement there will be a mandatory meeting for introductions between your new teammates and to discuss some specifics of the job.

Communication During the RA Hiring Process

Communication during the hiring process will be sent out via email to your PAWS account. The RA Team announcement will be sent out via letter which will be slid under your door. We will communicate hiring decisions to all applicants regardless of the outcome.
If you have any questions at any point during the process you are encouraged to contact your RA or Coordinator.

What Do We Look For In an RA?

Role Model
We are looking for RAs who can be positive role models for all students living in Residence.  You should be a positive influence amongst your residents.  This includes following Residence and University policies and showing students how to be a positive influence in their community.

Students should feel comfortable approaching their RA and asking for help when they need it.  RAs should be available for help with personal problems, academic problems and lockouts.  Students should feel comfortable talking to the RAs and feel that they can trust whomever they are talking to.

Being an RA can be tricky at times.  Some people will do whatever they can to bend the rules and push your buttons.  RAs need to have the confidence to know when to stand their ground.  In watching RAs grow over the course of the year we notice that confidence is often one of the places where we see the biggest improvement.

Residence is a fun place to live, and RAs are a huge part of that!  Programming is such a big part of the RA role and we're always looking for RAs who can bring fun and interesting ideas to the job.

A part-time job on top of full time school is a big commitment and in order to maintain balance RAs need to be well organized.  This job also includes a variety of administrative tasks to be completed by the RA in a timely manner.  Time management and organization are very important parts of the role.

Problem Solving
The main focus of the RA role is to help students be successful and enjoy their time in Residence.  You will come across many different kinds of problems that may take some thought to figure out.  RAs will work with their Teams, SRAs and Coordinators to assist students in finding solutions.

Training Requirements

We have various Training requirements starting just before school and running throughout the academic year. All Training is mandatory for RAs to attend. This Training will help RAs gain the skills and knowledge they need in order to be successful in the RA role and facilitate in building a strong team bond.
Emergency First-Aid/CPR-C/AED
CPR and Emergency First-Aid Training is the minimum requirement for all successful applicants and must be completed prior to arriving to RA Training.  You will be required to show us a copy of your certificate.  If any RAs do not already have this Training they will be responsible for completing the course at their own expense prior to arriving at Training.  Visit the Red Cross website to find a course near you.

August Training

Training runs mid to late August. This demanding yet entertaining week is exceptionally rewarding, providing informational sessions, team building exercises, role-playing, fun activities and more. There are classroom based and hands-on sessions that will help to prepare you for the RA job. In accordance with Residence policies and ideologies, RA Training (from arrival on the first day to completion on the last day) is alcohol free for all participants.

In-Service Training

At some points during the year we will hold mandatory training sessions that are relevant to the RA position.  These would typically be shorter training sessions to focus on specific topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resident Assistant?
A Resident Assistant (or RA for short) is a trained student leader, within a college or university, charged with supporting students living in a residence hall. They are employed by the Residence Department to assist students in dealing with a wide variety of issues such as homesickness, roommate problems, and conduct-related concerns.

Where do I go for an application?
You have a few options in getting an RA application:
  • Promotional emails (keep checking your PAWS account)
  • Clicking here for a digital copy
When is the deadline for applications?
Completed applications are due Thursday January 27 at 4:00pm via email to ra.hire@usask.ca.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Can I apply again if I applied in a previous year but was unsuccessful?
Yes, we encourage you to apply again.
Is the Information Session mandatory?
No, the Information Session is not mandatory.  However, attending the Information Session demonstrates your interest in the position and also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the role. Coordinators and current members of staff will be available to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Can I hold another job/volunteer on/off campus if I am an RA?
For any commitments outside of school we ask that the RA job is your number one priority.  While you may not always be "on-Duty" the job does require a certain level of availability.  Any second job or volunteer work should not exceed 10 hours per week and must be approved by your Coordinator.  This approval is not guaranteed.
As an RA, will I have a roommate?
Where possible we require RAs to live in a single-occupancy room due to the number of confidential issues you may be faced with.  In Voyageur Place, RAs live in single rooms. In College Quarter, RAs typically live in one-bedroom apartments, but there are a small number of other style apartments that you can request to live in, but are not guaranteed.  In Seager Wheeler, RAs live amongst other students in six-bedroom apartments.  In Assiniboine, Wollaston and Graduate House, RAs are permitted to live in one- or two-bedroom apartments. 
How many hours do RAs work each week?
This varies from building to building and, even, from hall to hall.  There are obviously the scheduled on-Duty times (these commitments vary depending on which building you are in) but you will also have students coming to you when you are not on-Duty.  There are also weekly RA meetings, programming requirements, and Training requirements.  The best way to get an idea of how much the RAs work is to talk to your RA about it.
Can I choose what building I am placed in?
In the application you will be given the option to mark which building you would like to apply for.  Different people have different experiences and skillsets and are often therefore more suited to work in one building over another.  You may only apply to work in one building.
What is the difference between the buildings?
  • Voyageur Place is traditional dorm style buildings with a lot of first years.  RAs in Voyageur will spend a lot of their time helping young students transition into University life.  As students share bathrooms, lounges, and eat in Marquis together, the RAs here typically get a lot of interaction with the students. 
  • College Quarter are four-bedroom apartments with a mix of mostly undergraduate students of different ages and nationalities. As the students have their own apartments, there is a different life-style and therefore the RAs take a different approach to programming and getting to know the students. 
  • Seager Wheeler are six- bedroom apartments with a mix of students of different ages and nationalities. This building is a mix of both undergraduate and graduate students having a high international population. As the students have their own apartments there is a different life-style and therefore the RAs take a different approach to programming and getting to know the students. 
  • Assiniboine & Wollaston are one- and two-bedroom apartments with upper-year students and a high international population.  As these students are often more mature the needs of the students are quite different from the other buildings.  Preference will be given to those already living in Assiniboine or Wollaston. Agreement holders and registered roommates are eligible for the RA position, as long as they are registered as full-time students.
  • Graduate House are one- and two-bedroom apartments with a mix of upper-year undergraduate students and students in professional colleges or graduate studies. As these students are often more mature the needs of the students are quite different from the other buildings.  
If I still have questions, who can I contact?
If you have any further questions you may contact us at ra.hire@usask.ca. Otherwise, you are encouraged to attend the Information Session, drop by an Information Booth, or talk to your RA, SRA, or Coordinator.