Unit Selection and Assignment Process

Unit Selection and Assignment Process

The Application 

  • Applications are received on a first come first serve basis
  • Roommates are not guaranteed. For the best chance at selecting a room together at the same time, please submit an application at the same time through the Housing Portal

The Timeslot Email (Unit Selection)

  • Timeslot emails will be sent beginning in May and will indicate the date and time to login to the Residence Housing Portal to select a unit (1 week advance notice will be provided)
  • Applicants will login to the Residence Housing Portal on date and time specified to choose their unit

The ROAF (Room Offer Acceptance Fee) payment 

  • Once the unit is selected, the Room Offer Acceptance Fee (ROAF) must be paid online to reserve the unit (a deadline of approximately 1 week will be provided)
  • Rooms will be reopened for selection by others if the ROAF payment is not paid by the deadline and a cancellation email will be sent to the applicant
  • The ROAF payment reserves the unit and is applied to the full term rental payment

The Residence Agreement and Move-In Information 

  • Residence Agreements are sent on a continuous basis beginning late July and continuing throughout August
  • Residence Agreements must be accepted electronically through the Residence Housing Portal application process 
  • Along with the Residence Agreement, move-in information is provided by email
  • Additional move-in information can be found on our move-in page

Residence Application and Unit Selection Timeline